Soothing Dry & Itchy Skin. Koolit gives Malaysians a NEW powerful yet gentle solution in managing skin health.

Koolit gives Malaysians a NEW powerful yet gentle solution in managing skin health.

Do you have sensitive skin? 

Perhaps know of someone who is ashamed of their skin condition? 

Or is your skin feeling dry and rough from frequent hand washing and sanitizing?

We understand the struggle and discomfort that comes with the answer “yes” to any of those questions. More so the heartbreak when it comes to seeing our children or loved ones battling such skin conditions and the complexity when it comes to selecting a suitable skincare regimen.


Introducing Koolit

Koolit™ is a new natural sensitive skincare range that contains botanical active ingredients and potent Vitamin E at an affordable price range.

The brand gives fellow Malaysians a powerful yet gentle solution in managing dry and sensitive skin. Each product is enriched with licorice root extract which is scientifically proven to be high in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to reduce redness, itchiness and provide soothing hydration for the skin. It aids in managing sensitive skin as well as protects regular skin from harmful free radical damage.

Koolit™ is available in three products: - Koolit Calming Cream, Koolit Soothing Lotion, and Koolit Gentle Body Wash.


Being 40x higher in antioxidant, Koolit™ neutralises the impact of free radicals and slows down premature skin aging. The skin moisture barrier is improved with Koolit™ while transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from our skin is reduced (by 20% in 24 hours), especially when we are exposed to harsh environments such as in air-conditioned rooms

The rapid absorption of Koolit™ cream and lotion is also physically evident to its users. They moisturise without feeling greasy and sticky. The silky and smooth spreading profile of the cream and lotion is perfect for our hot and humid tropical climate.


Why Koolit?

It Works!

We’ve interviewed Ms R, to share about her experience with sensitive skin and how Koolit has helped her family control their skin condition.

What causes your skin to become irritated?

“My skin is very reactive to products, the environment and temperature. 

If I were to use the wrong soap or wash, my skin would feel very itchy and there would be cracks on my skin. Hot showers are completely off limits. If the temperature is off just by one degree, my skin becomes excessively dry after. The types of fabric I use can also affect my skin. I use cotton most of the time to be safe.”


Could you explain the skin condition during a flare?

A mild experience would be skin dryness and itchiness. I’d feel the constant need to scratch my skin throughout the day. It’s not nice having that feeling at work or in a meeting.

Taking a hot shower would be worse. My skin feels tight everywhere, such as my back, thigh and arms, and then it would become painful and itchy. I will need a specific intense cream to calm the flakiness and dryness. Any regular cream would be useless.

For my sister, stress affects her skin badly. As soon as she feels anxious or stressed out, her skin would flare up. It becomes red, very dry and itchy. This will continue till she copes with the stress”


What is the biggest frustration you face?


There are times where I’ve scratched myself while asleep, only to wake up and see the scarring on my skin the morning after which meant my skin even bled at night. The worst part is that I can’t stop the scratching because I don’t notice myself doing it while sleeping.

I tend to use longer sleeves that help cover up the marks, but I’m well aware they’re there.











Koolit™ made its debut into the market this March 2020 after extensive studies and research that have been conducted to provide consumers with a natural and effective solution to care for their skin.

Koolit™ products are paraben-free, sulfate-free and safely formulated with enriching ingredients such as olive and jojoba seed oil. Even the fragrance incorporated in the unique rinse-free Gentle Body Wash is certified as a safe ingredient by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), in compliance with their codes and standards. For these reasons, Koolit™ assures itself as a safe and suitable choice for individuals and families who care about their skin.

Koolit™ products are now available at Watsons stores and online at where more details can be found about each product.